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Thread: Using the Lives object for a Second player?

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    Using the Lives object for a Second player?

    Hey Clickteam,

    Can I use the player icon and the lives object for two players on the same frame? It's for a shuffle board game I'm working on. Right now, I'm using the lives object for the first player. I created another lives object for the second player, but the player icon - subtract lives event, subtracts from both players 1 and 2. I went ahead and substituted active objects for the second player lives but just wondering if there was a way? Thanks!

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    you can set the lives object to player 1,2,3 or 4 under its propertys. though i have never used it i normaly use counters for my lives anyway

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    Gets me thinking, if Lives are Global, it could count as an additional Global value ( if your short ).

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    Hi King_Cool. You are correct in what you say, but keep in mind that you have unlimited Global Values so I don't think anyone will come up short for Global Values.

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