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Thread: How to GetCurrentGameLanguage() (Steam) ?

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    Question How to GetCurrentGameLanguage() (Steam) ?

    I am preparing my next Steam release and this time I have the game in multiple languages.
    There is a notice on my developer portal on steam for how to handle multiple languages to load up the right one when a user starts the game:

    "Managing Base Languages
    Select any language here that is included in a depot that is not language-specific. So, if your base depot contains assets for multiple languages, you would select those languages below. Once these are enabled, you can use GetCurrentGameLanguage() from within your application to ask Steam for the user selected language so that you can present the right content to the user."

    Is there any way I can retrieve the language with this "GetCurrentGameLanguage()" with the Fusion steam object?

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    It seems like this feature is missing from the SteamWorks object.

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