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Thread: Clowd in Eden -- the anti-metroidvania, for free

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    Clowd in Eden -- the anti-metroidvania, for free

    Hi you guys! I made a beautiful game. It's free on itch right now:

    It's a challenging 2d puzzle-adventure that subverts platformer cliches by removing many of the pretenses that games rely on. This includes extra lives, health bars, ammunition, points, passwords, or any game mechanic that isn't in service to the story. The story, similarly, is bereft of elements that don't serve the game's mechanics or structure.

    It's a science-fantasy fairy tale about parenthood. You play an amnesiac killer robot who's crash landed on a passive-aggressive alien planetoid.

    It an anti-metroidvania in that it isn't about the tools you're given, but the decisions you make.

    It's about flying an adorable robot around and shooting things, while also not treating you like a child.

    Give her a download. She wants you to play her, and she wants to play you.

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    Looks pretty cool. Nice work!

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    Really nice art and the mixup of movements seems interesting, I‘ll play it

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