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Thread: Trouble Porting MMF 1.5 CCA Files

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    Trouble Porting MMF 1.5 CCA Files

    I've been transferring a number of old MMF 1.5 Pro files into MMF 2.5 Dev. Typically, this has worked fine, except for the extensions that are not supported. MMF 2.5 tells me which extensions are not supported, and then I work around them.

    But lately I've been running into files that import into MMF 2.5 fine, and then crash intermittently. There does not seem to be anything unusual about the extensions used and when I delete them selectively, I can't tell which ones are the cause, since the crashes are intermittent.

    One thing that I've noticed is the text on buttons is often corrupted. But I've just changed the text and everything seemed to be fine.

    Are there known issues in porting files this way or extensions that are known bad actors. I know that formatted text, as one example, can be a bad actor, but I have none of those in these apps.

    As usual, any help appreciated.


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    Cross Compatibility is going to be painful due to the number of extentions that have not carried accross to Fusion 2.5. I have managed to convert from 1.5 to 2 and then some I could then go from 2 to 2.5 but personal preference would be to just develop from the start on 2.5 to avoid incompatibilities between objects and missing functions that could just end up crashing your project.

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