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Thread: I need help with Camera Setup

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    I need help with Camera Setup

    So i been working on a game for a while but i have been stuck with my biggest issue. Camera Scaling.

    Essentially the game makes everything small even on 32x32, But i need the camera to be as close as possible. For example

    Pretty much i want the camera to be as close to the sprites as it can but none of that zoom in and out stuff, i just need it to stay still (Reason why i said this is because i see too many tutorials but they all zoom in and out or something like that, its not what i want)

    Can anyone help me with this problem?

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    you could always make the window size of the application smaller (if you're using 640x480, lower it to 320x240 for example)

    this option is in the application properties (click on the application's name and find the "window" tab)

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