Hi all,

The game I am developing uses Ultimate Fullscreen to automatically resize the window to fit a monitor of any resolution. The game also has the option of playing in windowed mode, however. If a player runs the game in Windowed Mode, I would like for the window's size to be 1024x768. When fullscreen, however, I need the resolution to be 1366x768.

I attempted to handle this by using the Window Control object to resize the window's width to 1024 if the frame is windowed. This works as desired, but the contents of the frame resize with it, causing visual distortion. To fix this, I need to turn off "resize display to fill window size." Unfortunately, if I turn this off, Ultimate Fullscreen does not work properly in fullscreen mode.

Is there a way to toggle this option on and off in the event editor? Or is there some other way to handle this situation? Thanks!