Hello there,

I want to better understand how the Active Picture Object works.

I load an image into my Active picture at Frame Start from a web url. Then I completely quit the application, deactivate internet and restart the app. Surpisingly, the image originally loaded from the internet is correctly loaded despite internet is off (I am in Airplane mode no Wi Fi as well).

I wanted to know how to use this feature of the Active Picture. I tried everything but I couldn't ask my iPhone to load the picture from its cache (? I guess).

So is there anyone who knows the exact path to the location of the picture ? I guess it is (temporarily) stored in the phone but I don't know where, if I knew the path, I could ask the phone to load it from there.

If you have any knowledge about how the Active Picture works, feel free to tell me.

Eventually, I wanna be able to load a picture previously (down?)loaded in my phone without using internet, as internet provides a delay before loading (depending on the speed and quality of the connection).
I know some spoke about taking a screenshot or replacing some code in Xcode, but if there is an easier solution, I'd like to know it.

Thank you for your future help and advices =)