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Thread: Bouncing Ball objects not appearing

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    Bouncing Ball objects not appearing

    This was supposed to a quick, fun little project game similar to Geometry Dash. The only real way to see the problem is to download the file unfortunately, but basically the boxes which are bouncing ball objects are scrolling into the frame just fine, however the spikes are not. It had been working fine, and now the first set of spikes shows up, and the rest don't. I have absolutely no idea why and hopefully someone else can point out my mistake.

    PS - I'm still pretty new to Clickteam Fusion so I'm sure there are much, much better ways to accomplish what I was trying to accomplish.
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    welcome to the community I had a quck look at it.

    You have to change the spikes object properties. Go to the objects properties --> RunTime Options --> uncheck "destroy object if too far from frame" and set "inactivate if too far from frame" to NO. This fixes it. However I cannot explain why your boxes are ok and don´t get destroyed as well. You should change their properties too. The default object inactivation in Fusion can be very buggy and should in general be replaced by your own code to maintain full control.

    In your case I would recommend something like this:

    objects x coordinate < - 50
    -> destroy
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