Hello All,

So after a long time, lately I start to experiment Fusion 2.5 more and more in my spare time and fall in love easily.

I'm wondering about Online Multiplayer, since I'm not familiar with how exactly it works in Fusion 2.5
I have some questions that would like to get some answers, ideas, tips and your experience:

1 - How complicated is Online Multiplayer to setup? (please explain as I'm a total noob)
2 - Server? Client? p2p? can somebody please explain how it works in Fusion?
3 - Is it possible to actually make an online multiplayer without "real server" I believe it's what p2p is but I'm not really sure, that's why I asked #2 above, but would like to know more about it.
4 - I wonder about a "turn base" game, can this be done in Fusion 2.5 without renting a server? (that p2p confusion again, please explain, examples?)

I have so many other questions... but I'll see how this thread goes before I will get confused.
As you can see I'm a noob on this area with zero experience or knowledge, That's why I would like to understand how the online multiplayer works specific in Fusion 2.5.

Another question for Clickteam:
I know you can't talk about Fusion 3 yet, but maybe you can just give a hint related to this subject:
Will online multiplayer be easier to setup in Fusion 3 compare to 2.5 or will have more options / features?

Thanks ahead to anybody who take the time and answer my stupid questions,
I appreciate your time!

* Sorry about my bad English