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Thread: Super Mario Maker style game- How?

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    Question Super Mario Maker style game- How?

    As the title suggests, I want to make a Super Mario Maker Type game (if you don't know, The game is one where you create platforming levels.) I pretty much have the main stuff. I can paste different tiles into the background and create certain active objects. Also, I know how to make a create/ play mode, But I can't figure out how to save the levels. I know how to use Ini objects and sort of know how to use arrays, but I'm still completely clueless. I don't know if clicteam can do this, but I've seen other fusion 2.5 games pull it off. So anything you guys could suggest would help.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope this thread helps others too!

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    Search the forums for level editor examples.. that's all it really is. When you place a tile you write it's ID and X/Y Coordinate and save it to an array or ini and then to load that level you'd loop through the array/ini and paste the tiles.

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    is THIS what you want?

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