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Thread: WIP 'newbies first adventure game'

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    WIP 'newbies first adventure game'


    I'm a newbie to Fusion 2.5 and to games design/programming as a whole, but I've always been fascinated with the idea of creating a game, sadly at my age learning to code is just not going to happen hehe. anyway, I'm currently working on a very simple action-rpg game, think Atari 2600 Adventure crossed with Zelda A Link to the Past.

    btw the title 'newbies first adventure game' refers to me, being a newbie to F2.5, its not an insult on any players. I'm not intending on selling (lol yeah right.. who in their right mind would buy something like this) or putting the game on a website. its purely a 'learn to use F2.5' experience for me.

    I started off making it like Atari's classic 'Adventure' game (oh boy, I loved that so much) and here is what my first steps looked like:-

    But then I started to change a few things and updated the graphics a little, to this:-

    and then I changed some more things, added grass, animated flowers, key and working portcullis and a chalice to capture and she now looks like this:-

    Currently all you do is move around (W- up, A- left, S- down, D- right) , collect the key to open the portcullis and steal the chalice and return to the 1st room with it. but you get the idea. yes its very very simple and very lame but hey.. I'm a dumb old guy who is learning at the speed of an asthmatic snail going uphill. but I'm having fun

    If you want to try my game as-is, then there is a link to the zipped exe below. (note: I provide the exe as I am far FAR too ashamed of my event programming skills and if you saw my code you'd probably laugh. yeah I'm a chicken!)

    I welcome feedback both good and bad (as long as its not too scathing )

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    Hey Paul,

    Amazing to see the progress you've made already! I don't think age is a barrier to learning new things, you've already proven otherwise!

    Keep up the good work, and please do share your progress as much as you can! I find it so fun and interesting to see everyone's progress and the things that they are up to, and sharing is the best way for everyone to learn more from each other! There's also no shame in not wanting to share your .mfa - I wouldn't want to either, even after many years using Fusion!

    Looking forward to seeing more!


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    Hey Paul, I got some nice things here on my make that Atari 2600 game page:
    Do you think you could also help on this one?
    This is an "open source" MFA to help us to draw a playfield (the Atari 2600 way)!
    I have 2 mfas! I'd like to merge them into one.. feel free to edit it correcting any mistakes, bugs, then re-upload!...
    I also would like to innclude a repeated playfield in the future! so that sums up how the Atari 2600 playield displays!
    here it is:

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    Not sure if your still around, but really liked the super basic look as well as the new updated look. I hope you are still making it as it could be cool.

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