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Thread: I need help with an event

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    I need help with an event

    After getting help on making an event that detects whether or not the player is in front of an enemy, I now need help fixing a problem I found.

    My game has an event that (after 5 seconds) creates an enemy that you have to kill. When you are in front of that enemy, it is supposed to shoot a missile at you but when it does shoot the missile it makes all of the enemies in the game do it instead of the one that you were in front of.

    So it would be great if (because I am new at this) someone helped me figure out how to make it so only the enemy you were in front of shot the missile instead of all of them.
    Just an extra question that I need help with: when it does shoot a missile, they don't go straight like I want them to and instead will go straight and float up or down for some reason.

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    We can't magically sense the bugs in your code, so you'll have to post an MFA file if you want help with that.

    I can tell you that the events in the event editor are usually applied to objects "en masse." It's a query-based language --- when you say "Enemy is overlapping Backdrop," you're actually saying "give me all the enemies who are overlapping a backdrop." Any action you put in the "Enemy" column will then be applied to all selected Enemy objects. If you need more control than this, an easy way to get around it is to use "for each object" loops.

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