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Thread: Steam trading card intergration?

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    Steam trading card intergration?

    Hi! Im wondering how I am supposed to add steam trading cars into my clickteam game. I know its posible with but am unsure on how to do it?

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    You don't add them via Fusion 2.5 - as long as you have the Steamworks extension in your game, and the player launches the game from Steam (have Steam running in the background) they will get card drops automatically sent to their inventory via Steam tracking how long they play the game for.

    You set up the cards and artwork via the Steamworks website. You can also adjust the time in between card drops in case your game is short or long.

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    I don't think you need Steamworks extension in your game in order to have Trading Cards.
    Like RhysD mentioned you set up the cards via Steamworks website, it's easy process to do and I can highly recommend you doing so!

    Downside is that you must play at least 2 hours in order to get drops. I think this is because of Steam refund policy.

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