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Thread: A full screen way to combat the Steam Overlay glitch?

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    A full screen way to combat the Steam Overlay glitch?


    As some of you may already know, when you press the maximize button on your windowed games through the Steam client the screen freezes up, with a section of the picture in the upper left hand corner and a white screen filling the rest. I had thought I solved this issue by using the window control object to resize my game's window to large- but not quite full screen- and now I'm seeing that a lot of my texts and etc that the NPCs say are word wrapping weirdly because the thing was designed with another window size in mind prior.

    Is there a proper way to implement something that would give me a full screen but I'd still nix the maximize button on the window header? Something that would work for everyone, regardless of their display size?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Bump.. sorry for digging the grave here but would be interested in this as well.

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    I think the "change the resolution" option can do it

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    Not at runtime though, if you go to change the resolutions with the Steam overlay up it'll give you that freezing screen.
    Which sort of sucks because I'm developing one now with the current widescreen monitors in mind which will look like ass on any older square jobs.

    Oh well.
    Weebish Mines, my retro Metroidvania!

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    How people are doing? I've checked Concrete Jungle and it appears to be using Ultimate Full Screen object.

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    Some observation I got testing Ultimate fullscreen with the steam overlay
    x You can avoid freezing if you delay going fullscreen some frame ticks. If you go fullscreen in the first frame loop it tends to crash or show wrong scaling.
    x Zero problems with my game if I choose 0 = best fit (allowing screen distortion)
    x Steam overlay is displaced if you choose Ultimate fullscreen options with black borders (for example if you choose 1 = pixel perfect fit, and itīs not possible with the players desktop resolution)
    x Steam overlay flickers while changing the alpha blending coefficient of a layer, even if it has reached full transparency (255)
    x I have an in game option menu using subapp. The subapp is displayed over the steam overlay, have not found a workaround yet, despite closing the supapp if the user activates the overlay

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    Thanks for your input Julian82, I've read/downloaded example of Ultimate Fullscreen other day with the lens shader on the other frame, and also played your Outbuddies game (cool retro game BTW). I have it all written down with the examples I've found (so I don't need to search for it all over).
    Regarding STEAM, their hardware survey tells me that:

    The 16:9 resolution is completely dominant
    1920x1080 - 38.21%
    1366x768 - 24.76%
    1600x900 - 6.05%
    Total of 69.02% of 16:9 that is, a game made in any of this resolution would stretch alright in about 70% of Steam users. This number might be a big bigger as I haven't checked aspect each one of that list. The resolution 1366x768 seems to be most cost effective (size to produce game artwork vs users using that display or aspect).

    Now regarding Clickteam Fusion, using that resolution, the simplest options we currently have (and please correct me if I'm wrong) are:

    1)If game is going to Steam, without Ultimate Full Screen, the default change resolution mode should only be performed at start of game, or need to restart if ticked a full screen checkbox during gameplay.

    2)If using ultimate full screen, and want to enable changing resolution without restarting game, choose 0/best fit allowing screen distortion, that at this point should be minimal since the res. picked is already 16:9 and would fit most of monitors. Also distortion should be minimal on the rest then (at least the 16:10 resolutions...)

    edit: I've been thinking, in case of a pixel art game, I suppose the best scenario would be to use ultimate full screen on the terms above (option 2). If the art is made at resolution of 320x180, it can be stretched 400% up to 1280x720 without anti-aliasing to avoid bicubic sampling etc. Then the ultimate full screen would mainting its sharpness.
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    @SevenSails: Yeah, if you donīt want to allow a flexible frame size using UF with distortion allowed seems to be the only way to have a solution that does not crash at least. And for most steam users it will look good as well, if you choose a 16:9 ratio.

    If you go for a flexible frame size the weird scaling template I posted in this thread might be an option, I updated it recently. +game Anyway people are having trouble to get it implemented and I honestly canīt tell why itīs working at all.

    The only thing that really bugs me with the screen distortion is not the distortion itself, but a very ugly texture flickering that appears if you have a scrolling game with pixel distortion. This is not a Fusion exclusive problem at all, itīs a natural issue with scaling (low res) pixel art. A very good (bad) example on Steam of this issue is Xeodrifter, the tiles just look super weird when scrolling.

    Hereīs a good article on the topic:

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    Thanks Julian, it was this example I was referring to. I've saved it and also the explanation for reference. What I'd really steer away is the part of "people are having trouble to get it implemented" because it doesn't matter what it is... I'm sure I'll be one of these people LOL
    Mostly I'd go with the cleanest solution and it seems.. use the default change fullscreen command using event editor/global value?
    With Ultimate Full Screen it seems that if I do not allow distortion, what happens at different resolution? It will put a black bar? If so, this sounds good to me, considering in 16:10 it will be minimum, and 4: 3, well they should be used to either distortion or blackbars these days.
    So without UFS extension in which case I'd have problem using the default full screen command? Only if I try to change at runtime (due to Steam overlay)?

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    Iīm actually not very familiar with Fusions built in fullscreen options, all I ever used was Ultimate fullscreen and the strange template I posted. I also never used change resolution mode so I cannot comment on the issues that could occur with these options.

    If you donīt allow distortion using UF black bars will be added, which will be ok for most users. Steam overlay will look normal, but when users try to click it the mouse coordinates will be wrong (thatīs what I meant with "steam overlay will be displaced")

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