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Thread: Random numbers in a listbox?

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    Unhappy Random numbers in a listbox?


    I have a problem. I made a quiz game and ended up in html5 and finish my game. it runs perfect in html5, then I wanted to get a flash version of it. Compile the flash and realize that it not READ FROM LISTBOX as it should do. It work fine in fusion and html5. Flash not!

    I have 2 listbox one with 55 numbers, and random from list into Listbox2. Somehow it stops during this process.


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    Flash is dying but please put in a bug report (use the bug tracker link at the top of the page.)
    If you can also supply a very simple clean MFA file that demostrates the problem that would be handy.

    HTML5 is quickly taking over for Flash so its good to hear it works correctly in that runtime.

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