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Thread: Is AdMob Mediation possible with the AdMob extension?

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    Question Is AdMob Mediation possible with the AdMob extension?

    With AdMob Mediation, you can serve ads to your apps from multiple sources, including the AdMob Network, third-party ad networks, and house ad campaigns. AdMob Mediation helps maximize your fill rate and increase your monetization by sending ad requests to multiple networks to ensure you find the best available network to serve ads.

    I noticed that there is an option in AdMob to set up mediation for other ad networks so you can use AdMob to show rewarded interstitials from Chartboost, AdColony etc. Is it possible to implement this to an app with the AdMob extension?

    Currently I'm using both the Chartboost and the AdMob extension in the same app for more ads but it would be great if we could get all the ads through only one extension for easier implementation. Also is it somehow possible to add other ad networks' SDKs and adapters to an app so you could access them through mediation?

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    is not easy to implement since each one or needs adapters or a external libs

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