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Thread: Lunatic: Starring Miner Willy v2

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    Lunatic: Starring Miner Willy v2

    Hello everyone. Two years ago I made and released "Lunatic: Starring Miner Willy", a ZX Spectrum inspired platform game starring the titular hero of Matthew Smith's Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy games. Despite all the bug testing it seems I had left quite a lot of them in the game - some of which made the game impossible to complete.

    While working on my second game it occurred to me that a save game function would benefit the title I was currently working on so one experiment later led me to return to Lunatic in order to add the same quick save functionality. I also took the opportunity to bug fix the heck out of the game. I finally finished final testing in January of this year (2018).

    And now here it is, version 2.0. Patched, fixed, updated and enhanced. I hope you enjoy playing it!


    Dropbox link (file size is too large to attach to this post, unfortunately):

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    Looks great!

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