There were a couple of mistakes in the build 285.6 (bug in word wrapping of the String object for Asian languages and outdated versions of Chartboost for Android and iOS), so we're going to replace it by the build 285.7.

The build 285.7 will available as pre-release version during a couple of days and then will be the next official version. The update patch is available in the Download Links post in the "Support Forums / Product Owner's Lounge / Fusion 2.5" forum.

The CF 2.5 patch updates all the installed exporters, you do not need to reinstall them.

Change log

In case of problem you can reinstall a previous version of the build 285 or the build 284.10 (no need to uninstall first, just reinstall the patch of the build you want to reinstall).

If any problem with this version, please post it in the bug box, don't post it in this forum otherwise the developers won't see it, thanks!