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Thread: Date & Time stopwatch buggy?

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    Date & Time stopwatch buggy?

    Hello again friends.

    I'm running a 30fps game and I want to use Date & Time Object, funcion STOPWATCH to count my game time.

    So, when I start a game, I just do: Date & Time Object > Start stopwatch.
    At the end of the frame, I just save Hour, Minute and Seconds to Array XY: 0,0 ; 1,0 ; 2,0.
    In another frame, I just load the value of Array to the Date & Time Object.

    BUT....I dont know why....there is a strange behavior in seconds of this object....sometimes it jumps 1 seconds...(ex. 2 to 4)....or, sometimes it stuck in the same second for 2 seconds....

    It's bugged, I created another empty application with just this object, and still the same behavior.......
    how can I fix this? I dont want to create a custom watch for this...using 3 counters, why this object just can run fine?

    Best regards friends.

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    Sounds like something to document and report to the bug tracker.

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