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Thread: Breakout Tutorial - Ball goes sometimes through Player

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    Breakout Tutorial - Ball goes sometimes through Player

    Hi there

    I am completetly new here but have other programming skills. So i have a little knowledge about things bringing to live.

    However. I just started as everybody with the breakout game. All works fine except that the ball "sometimes" went through the player. I tested nearly evertything but nothing works. My "player" can move 5 cm from bottom to top and if i hit the ball hard it went through the player without bouncing. By normal left right without top bottom movement all works fine.

    But the top bottom is the better choice as it is in the tutorial.

    Any ideas ? I have checked nearly every post but did not found the right solution.

    And the second question would be if the ball can accelerate if it is hit harder by the player.

    I have set the bounce option first and Fusion 2.5
    Thanks fo a little hink

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    Can you put up your MFA file?

    You might need to adjust the movement or change the movement if its a high speed game and you have some smaller objects.

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