EDIT: I solved the problem! (Below the description of the problem I outline how it was solved to help anyone else with these issues)

I am currently working on a game in Fusion 2.5 where players create walls as they move around the screen (inspired by the "light cycles" scene from the original Tron movie). Two simultaneous players (Active objects) create walls if they are "NOT stopped" using the "paste into background as obstacle" command. The game runs great on my PC as an MFA file from Fusion as well as EXE. However, when I test the game on my Android phone (APK file) it slows down after about 10 seconds because of all the backdrop objects being created. Under the properties tab I have "Number of objects" set to a limit of 2000. I originally had the limit at 500 objects, but the players simply stopped creating walls after about 5 seconds.

The core element of the game, like "light cycles" from Tron, is based on the creation of walls. I don't need the number of walls to be unlimited, because the players are contained on one screen (no scrolling is used), and eventually there is no room to move (so somebody ultimately wins after about 30 sec). The game becomes so slow it detracts from the gameplay value - does anyone have any ideas that could help me?

I have already tried adding "every 0.03 seconds" to the condition where walls are being pasted into the background; this helps extend the time before slow down, but it still slows down after about 15 seconds or so. If I change "every 0.03 sec" to a larger number, the walls are too spaced out (dashed lines) and players can move through them. The individual wall objects are 5x5 pixels. I am testing my game on LG Transpyre VS810PP running Android version 5.1.1, and I would like to publish my game on Google Play if I can get it working.

EDIT: I am sure there are multiple ways this could have been solved, but I was successful in just increasing the size of the wall object being pasted into background (9x9 instead of 5x5 pixels) and changing the condition "every 0.03 seconds" to "[Active wall object] is NOT overlapping a backdrop." This way the walls will only be created when there is no wall present (they won't stack up) and since the wall pieces are bigger, less of them are being created. Hope this helps someone - keep on Clicking!