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Thread: Extract text from scanned image

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    Extract text from scanned image

    I searched the forums and I came acrooss with scanner object. I don't have android exporter to test on so I would like to know if it's possible to extract text (numbers) from a piece of printed card.

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    Nyc - The scanner object I think you're referring to is for barcodes and is called QR/Scan Code Control - it won't recognize just text, it recognises data encoded in barcodes (like you see on grocery items, books, etc) or QR codes (square shaped barcodes with blocky 'noise' images of data) to work at all.

    Sounds like you need Optical Character Recognition (also known as OCR) to be able to get the text/numbers themselves.
    I'm not aware of any OCR extensions for MMF or Fusion, but I could be wrong!

    If it's important to you, you might try posting something in the extensions forum and see if somebody can make you such an extension

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