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Thread: UWP Export Module Now Out!

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    UWP Export Module Now Out!

    Clickteam is excited to present the Universal Windows Platform exporter. Fusion users can now build 2D games and apps that can be deployed to the Windows 10 Eco-system. Using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard and Developer you can target Windows 10 PCs, Windows Phones, Tablets and even the Xbox One*.

    Join the growing Windows 10 market space with your existing titles or create new ones. The exporter includes powerful features like hardware acceleration, joystick powered virtual mouse and much more. Grab your copy and start creating awesome UWP content for Windows 10 and Xbox One today!

    Requires Clickteam Fusion Standard or Developer and the UWP Exporter. Additional Requirements for the UWP export module: To compile the final file you need Microsoft Visual Studio. To test or deploy on the XBOX One you will need to sign up for an XBOX One developer account and set your XBOX One to “Developer Console Mode”.

    *XBox One UWP is currently in developer preview. (More Info)

    Application Properties

    Frame Properties

    Extension Supported at Launch:

    Active Backdrop
    Active Picture
    Active System Box
    Advanced Direction
    Advanced Game Board
    Advanced Path Movement
    Background System Box
    Calculate Text Rect Object
    Clickteam Movement Controller
    Combo Box
    Create By Name
    Date & Time
    Direction Calculator
    Double Precision Calculator
    Easing Object
    Edit Box
    Function Eggtimer
    Get Object
    Google Maps
    Graphic Font
    HTML5 Video
    Immediate If Object
    In & Out Movement Controller
    Joystick Control Object
    Layer Object
    Location Object
    Move Safely 2 Object
    MoveIt (coming soon)
    Multiple Touch
    Object Mover
    Physics - Enginge
    Physics - Fan
    Physics - Ground
    Physics - Joint
    Physics - Magnet
    Physics - Particles
    Physics - Rope & Chain
    Physics - Treadmill
    Platform Movement Object
    Question & Answer
    Quick Backdrop
    Randomizer Object
    Screen Zoom
    String Parser
    Wargame Map Object
    Window Control
    Xbox Gamepad (coming soon)
    Attached thumbnails Attached thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	20427  

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