For my previous game I used David Newton's custom fastloops platform movement. It seemed the right choice for that game and it worked out reasonably well. For my new puzzle platform game I started with the same platform engine copied over from my previous game. With a larger more colourful sprite though using the collision box type of platform movement has become problematic.

I have a slopes loop in my platform engine and when then player character is standing on a slope it looks like he's floating above the ground because the player sprite isn't square like the collider box. It's the collider box and the background detector under it that's standing on the slope, not the player sprite so it looks stupid.

Is it better to use the MMF2 platform movement (or the one with Fusion 2.5)? I know it has it's limitations especially in MMF2 but at least I wouldn't have the issues I'm having with my collider box. Unless of course there are ways to make the player sprite look like they're actually walking on the ground and not floating above it?

Is there a guide somewhere to using the collider box type of custom platform movement? Something more advanced than DavidN's tutorial, which I've already picked apart. Clearly the type of player character you want to create would be one that fills the collider box but that causes problems when making realistic walking animations and the like and the player character just ends up looking like a box themselves.