With the addition of Steam as a distribution point and increased awareness of the tool we realize that there is demand for translation of Fusion to other languages. So to help facilitate this we are reaching out to you our user base and asking for help. By the end of Summer we will have built in some tools to Fusion 2.5 that will allow multiple languages insertion much easier and speedier. We have identified three initial languages we would like to target first that represent the highest demand so far. So we are looking for volunteers to help translate Fusion UI and help documentation to Russian, German and Spanish. Each forum has a "I want to help!" forum. If you are interested please visit the appropriate thread and let us know. From those pools we will begin to develop teams to handle translation.

What's in it for you? Besides mad lovez from Clickteam we will be offering volunteers who consistently contribute copies of all our products as thank you and you name added to the credits of Fusion 2.5.

Let us know if you have any questions!