Hey guys,

I'm currently making a simple little platform running game aimed for IOS. It's basically just a stick man running on screen and you press and hold on screen to get him to jump, the longer you hold the higher he jumps, trying to avoid obstacles.

I thought it would be pretty simple but I've run into some problems. I originally tried to use the platform movement extension but couldn't get the jump strength to accurately change with the length of a hold. I've now built it with the physics engine but have sort of made it all work in a pretty round about sort of way. It works but it seems pretty clunky. One of the main things is I want the ground moving under him but I don't want him to stick to the ground...

Anyways just thought I'd post it here and if anyone could have a look and advise a better way to do this that would be amazing! I have a feeling there's a much simpler way to make this game..