I've implemented the illusion of pre-loading in my game by having the game take a screenshot of the loading screen, then immediately load that screenshot into the next frame. This lets the user read the story text during the loading screen and then tap to show that they're done reading the text.

I'm using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer and the Android object to take the screenshot. I then load it back into the next frame with the Active Picture object.

On PC this all works fine, but on certain Android devices, the saved screenshot seems to be messed up, with colours displaying wrong once it's loaded on the other side of the transition. It looks like the colours are inverted in some places, with blue displaying as orange and vice versa), but green stays the same.
Colour bug 2.jpg Colour bug 3.jpg

On my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the screenshot looks okay, but is still rather low-quality. You can also see a join running horizontally under 'Tap when ready'. Just as before, this used to work better and the transition wasn't noticeable at all.
Screenshot high quality.jpg Screenshot low-quality.jpg
Note that the outlines around the speech bubbles look worse and there's a visible checkering effect around the text.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? The transition used to work fine.

Just for reference, the pictures below show the transition working fine.
Transition 1.jpg Transition 2.jpg

Any help appreciated,
Kenneth Dunlop