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Thread: [REQUEST] 3D LUT Shader

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    Here is a quick demo using the blend function and the additional lut function. Starting with a night grade LUT and randomly flashing to a lightning grade LUT, effectively blending between them smoothly. The LUT shader is applied to a layer above everything and manipulated using the layer object.

    LUT Demo <- Download

    MuddyMole, this is perfect. Absolutely perfect with all the needed functions.

    I use 3D LUTs to emulate film-stocks and do cinematic color grading. Some of my work on video games can be seen here:

    For Fallout 4
    Vintage Film Looks - Emulating older film-stocks from the early-mid 1900s
    Modern Film Looks - Emulating modern film-stocks
    Cinematic Film Looks - Emulating advanced cinematic color grading from movies and my own creations

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    Guys, this is wizardry. If you came out with this a hundred years ago you probably would have been burned alive (no joke ;P).

    To be serious, this is incredible, and is helping me do exactly what I need to do, with the exception of one thing. I was hoping you guys could help me out.

    I'm not operating at near the level you two seem to be, but I did manage to get this to work and create the black and white filter I need for a scene. The character, however, can see in color (puppies see in color, human's don't). I was hoping to cut a hole in the middle of the object and center it on the character, providing an area of color that follows him as he travels through the level. As you most likely know, the tint box isn't truly tied to the object, and disrespects it's color and shape.

    How can I go about creating this effect? Is there a way to negate the effect using another tint layer? Thank you to any and all who offer assistance.

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