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Thread: OUTBUDDIES - a 16bit style metroidvania (with alpha demo!)

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    I'm always digging new tools rather than professionalising really in one or two, I guess that's a bad habit but you discover new aspects of creation and workflows all the time, which is big part of the fun for me On my Ipad I use Sprite Something with a Maglus stylus (rather expensive but super smooth for drawing on screens and very durable). On PC I use mainly Piskel and GIMP with a trackball mouse, but I've a drawing tablet too, which I should probably use more often

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    Use the tools that are the most efficient for you. Finally, just your art is important.
    Good work Julian ! I am sure that you will make a great art for finishing your game !

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    So I finally got a nice procedural map with doors, saves and teleporters working and it revealed that a lot of door placements in my rooms are just, ... wrong ... Some players had already given me this feedback but I didn't believe it would be that bad So my weekend will be redoing all the red spotted rooms. Oh well :/ Also, doors that do not connect rooms have to be removed from the mapping routine, they create too much noise IMO.

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    Will you have a legend? I can't tell what the pink diamonds, cyan squares or white+red square are. Also, what do you mean by "wrong"? Nothing jumps out at me as being wrong....EDIT: OK, now I see - the in and out doors don't line up between rooms.

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    For now, the map only shows save points (pink) and teleporters (blue). I don't think I'll include much more, maybe the boss rooms.

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    Finally started to put voxel-based graphics into the game. Originally I really wanted to avoid an approach like this because I was afraid of an inconsistent outcome. However, drawing huge technical structures by hand really is not my cup of tea and putting stuff like this portal together in Magica Voxel seemed about 10x faster than drawing it by hand (not talking about all the shadows). The cool thing is this program has a really suitable output for combining the assets with pixel art (depending on the redering settings). Btw, the map is also working now (that was a whole ****load of work, I can tell you)

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    What do you mean by voxel-based graphics and what software do you use to make them?

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    Voxel building is a very simple form of 3D modelling, it's basically playing around with building blocks and simple plane and 3D shapes. I've tried a few and Magica Voxel was the most feature complete one, and it's completely free. It can export different formats to use the models in Blender and Unity. For Fusion I use simple pre-baked .png renders, of course. The interface is very nice and comes with an idexed color palette, so it's very easy to make adjustments and do variations. There are a bunch of good youtube tutorials out there to get the basics done and you can even animate with it. I've seen some insane stuff on Twitter (posted an example from "ExMachina", he's a real pro). I also started to redo the Wozan houses in Magica.

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    This is very interessant julian ! Magical Voxel have bones for animate voxel's form ?

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    I think Magica only allows simple manual frame by frame modifications. The model from ExMaxhina was most likely animated with another software. I found a tutorial about his workflow. Very interesting, I'll probably dig a bit deeper into it. Seems to be a nice approach to animate huge machines and perhaps certain boss models.

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