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Thread: OUTBUDDIES - a 16bit style metroidvania (with alpha demo!)

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    OUTBUDDIES - a 16bit style metroidvania (with alpha demo!)

    Dear Clickers,

    Iīm very excited to announce that after some weeks of crunch the first official Outbuddies alpha demo is out! Iīve been working on the game in my spare time since 2013 and I finally feel itīs going somewhere.

    You can download the installer following the Dropbox link. The .exe is signed, but you may get warning messages anyway (which can be ignored), as I have not build a reputation as a software developer with Microsoft yet.

    You will dig about 60-90 minutes into the game and beat the first boss Razoth.
    Outbuddies supports most controllers now and can also be played with a keyboard, but I recommend the XBOX gamepad! I have not tested wireless gamepads. The game starts with a tutorial section, so you wonīt have to read any instructions in advance.

    For running the game in 60FPS you should at least have a dual core CPU 2GHz plus, but the game will auto adjust to 30FPS, if your machine canīt handle it. Windows 7 or higher only. The game uses windowed fullscreen and scales to your native desktop resolution. Please test on an UHD Monitor, if you have one:P

    If you find time, please leave me some feedback and bug reports! A room ID is shown on the top right corner under the minimap, please attach it, if the bugs are related to a specific room or obstacle! Also Iīm not a native speaker, so please correct my if something in the dialogues feels odd to you!

    I made this trailer some months ago, a lot of things have improved. Will make a new one soon!

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    Love it,it looks great.

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    Damn that gameplay looks slick! You've also got a great use of visual effects in your game according to this trailer

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    I went ahead and tweeted the news!

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    Thanks for the kind words - really helps to stay on track!

    @SirRandom: Glad you like the gameplay, I iterated it many times over the course of three years. It finally became a custom physics hybrid. If the player is in the air, the physics engine clicks in and controls only y-axis. All x-movements are under player control allowing tight platforming but realistic accelerations when jumping and dropping. If you fall from a high position you auto roll or will even crush your neck :P

    @Kisguri: Thanks, means a lot!!
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    Looks great! I love that these games are coming back. really enjoyed Axiom Verge a while back and this looks familiar but different enough.

    Will follow this!

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    @zip2kx:Thank you! I tried to mix the formula up with some new mechanics like climbing and a lot of diving scenes. Itīs heavily inspired by the first Metroid games and Gunstar Heroes , which was probably my favorite of all time The morphball mechanic which is shown in the trailer isnīt in the game anymore, somehow it didnīt really fit in (you can crouch now), and I also was afraid of getting my ass kicked by Ninentdo:P

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    Really impressive! Didn't have time to play through the whole thing yet but the gameplay feels smooth, haven't encountered any bugs at all.

    Great atmosphere too.

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    This looks pretty cool. I don't have a 4K monitor, but I'm getting a 2560 x 1440 one delivered this week. So I'll test on that when it comes.

    My Fusion Tools: VolCAMERA | Productiva | VACCiNE

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    @Flugurion: Thanks buddy Keep me updated if you discover anything weird and check back if you need help with QA for Mongrel. I run pretty excessive QA routines on my own to ensure I discover most things, but it can be exhausting and progress harming at times :P

    @Volnaiskra: Cool! Thank you for testing on the 2560 x 1440. Iīm really unsure how well Fusion games perform on these resolutions. Ultimate Fullscreen extension should handle it in theory, but I never was able to test. For Outbuddies I wrote a special pixel perfect scaling routine combining UF and Window control object, which allows resolution switches at runtime. The .mfa can be downloaded in this thread:

    By the way: Iīm testing Spryke at the moment and I really like it, will check back to you with in depth feedback!

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