I think we don't have this yet, but maybe I'm wrong.
I just need the event "microphone recognizes a tone or not", or "If the microphone recognizes a tone louder/quieter than"(dB amount).

Since I mostly need this feature for Android I will post a little request in the Android section.
A very simplistic object/extension for Android with very few features, based on a little Java script that reads the buffer byte value height level of incoming noises would be extremely useful.
Even with just the two features of comparing buffer byte values for "if louder than/quieter than"- Events and loudness preadjustments/calibration let's say -40 to +40 dB from 0 to test similar results on different devices, we could do some cool things.
For example when you control the angle of a spaceship with two buttons right/left you could use your voice as engine.
Is it not strange that something like this doesn't exist for Android already?