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Thread: Path Movement is useless

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    Path Movement is useless

    Why is Path Movement still broken?

    When I upgraded from MMF2 to CTF2.5 I expected most of the programs functions to have been improved. Path Movement is still largely useless. For one thing the display zooms out to 100% as soon as you begin to edit the paths making fine tuning impossible if you've got a large resolution display such as mine (2560 x 1440)... not to mention the UI scaling issues at this resolution. Tape mouse doesn't work. Clicking on a node to change the speed of it often moves the node. Sometimes the entire object moves when clicking on nodes and using a positioning event on a path movement object eventually moves it out of frame due to some weird bug.

    I was also annoyed that object editing hasn't been improved either with more tools and onion skinning for working on animation frames. Speaking of which, why are animation frames 1 and 2, for example, still referred to as Frame 0 and Frame 1 in expressions?


    I just hope Fusion 3 will be a MASSIVE improvement.

    I don't suppose there's an extension for better path movement is there?

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    I think there's an object called the Advanced Path Movement object. It may be available in the extension manager.

    The reason animation frames 1 and 2 are referred to in expression starting with 0 instead of starting with 1 is probably partially for compatibility, and partially because most things start at 0 in programming rather than starting at 1. It's actually more surprising that they aren't listed that way in the animation editor, since that's really what it should be doing with that in mind.

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