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Thread: Getting a line from list object

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    Getting a line from list object

    I'm trying to set something based on a specific line in the list object.

    So I'm trying "get line" and it gives me:

    List Line Text$( "List", >Line number< )
    So naturally I put in 0 or 1 etc as the line number and it tells me "enter a numeric expression"

    List Line Text$( "List", 1 )
    What am I doing wrong? I'm sure it's a simple thing but it's not exactly clear when I put in a number and it tells me I need to put in a number.

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    Lines in the list object are by default strings. You can't enter strings in certain fields that accept values only. To fix, put Val() around the code and it will work. Val(List Line Text$( "List", 1 ))

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