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Thread: Need help with android and controls and screen.

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    Need help with android and controls and screen.

    Hello guys, I bought the android exporter and I've got it to work fine but I have issues because I've never done this before:

    I am running the apk on my GPD X D, which is a handheld system I mainly use for emulation (as it has physical buttons!)

    I have some newbie questions if you don't mind.

    Done this, ignore... 1:- When running my game, it defaults to portrait mode, how can I force landscape mode?
    2:- my games controls are a-left, d-right, space-shoot How do I translate that so it works with android? (via my devices physical buttons or even touch screen controls)


    Edit:- I've figured out how to force landscape mode, but still cannot figure out how to translate my controls.

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