So over the the weekend I, on a whim, entered this years Ludum Dare game jam. I wasn't even going to finish it but I started streaming it and some people idled and Clickteam were nice enough to Host the stream so I almost felt obligated to do it haha.

This years theme was A small world

My entry was called A Bigger Home and basically you Roam space, enter planets and take resources. You take those credits and enlarge your small world!

When you enter the planet a randomized small world is created and the game switches to a basic top down shooter

and then you go back to your planet and make it happy

This was my first Jam, it was fun but I had to start late and end early so there’re plenty of things I wished I could polish. But I ended up actually doing a lot of stuff in the 8ish Hours I could put into this.

Honestly, I will probably never do this again haha atleast not alone. Doing everything in such a small time just creates a project which is full of flaws and things you wished you could polish. For instance, i wish i could improve the background art (all art to be honest), make better shooting feel, much better map generation (right now it's just random objects) and other things. But with a partner this might be easier and doing this was a good experience just to see what you can actually do in a limited time.

Ludum Dare page here with download and source code$23235

I actually saved part 2 of the stream and put it on youtube if anyone wants to scroll through the five hour video. Sadly part 1 is gone, this part is mostly polish, some coding, sfx and music making.