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Thread: Sky's the Limit Trivia Quiz

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    Cool Sky's the Limit Trivia Quiz

    Get your finger ready in this ultimate trivia quiz game, free for Android devices!
    Featuring over 2,000 questions with 4 possible answers, you have just 10 seconds per question to guess the correct answer! How many questions from various topics can you answer correctly?

    28 levels across 5+ updated, random topics await you, can you climb the question ladder and become the ultimate quiz leader?

    ★ 5+ different topics
    ★ Over 2,000 assorted questions, chosen at random
    ★ 28 levels per game
    ★ 50/50 Bonus - Reveal the correct answer and one wrong answer
    ★ Extra Time Bonus - Give yourself a fresh 10 seconds to guess the answer
    ★ Reveal Answer Bonus - Reveal the answer and grab yourself some free points
    ★ Change Topic Bonus - If you don't fancy your chances with the next topic, choose to swap it for another

    ★ We promise to update the database regularly with new questions and answers to keep things fresh
    ★ We provide A+ customer support to all of our users
    ★ We aim to provide a unique, fun but challenging user experience

    Download our free trivia game today and you will see that it's only the sky that's the limit!

    Thankyou for supporting us, all feedback is welcome and we will roll out new updates and features weekly!

    Download for Android:

    Feel free to share this link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks!


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    I'd be interested in seeing how this was set up and done. Any chance you will release an .mfa that shows this or some other kind of trivia game template?

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