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Thread: Making a game like Punch-Out?

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    Making a game like Punch-Out?

    Does anyone here know how to make a boxing game such as Punch-Out!!, and/or if there's any engine I can use to make a boxing game myself?

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    I did a boxing minigame a while ago. It's mostly about animations. For example. You press up arrow...your character has a face protect animation. Down arrow, stomach protect animation. No arrow pressed = normal stance

    When the enemy punch is happening, create a hit detector at the punching hand. If that detector hits you in the head for example and you're not protecting your lose health based on the enemies strength. Weak enemies could have only 1 str and harder enemies more of course. After being hit 10 times in a row or whatever you could also grant the enemies to do special hits

    Enemy attack patterns could be every 5 set an enemy alt. Value to a random number. If that value =1 he hits your head... Value=2 hit stomach and so on. Then set his value back to 0.

    When you attack is the same. He randomly evades your attacks or he gets hit. I got it working really good. I made the enemy being able to counterattack as well. Maybe this can get you started. A lot of animations will be required though...just so you know :-D

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