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Thread: trying to make a total domination game

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    Clicker Fusion 2.5

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    trying to make a total domination game

    can anyone help me to make a total domination online game with 2.5 I have the 99.99 version right now im new to it and cant figure it out.

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    First thing to do is go thru the tutorials inside Fusion under the help.
    Then perhaps read thru some of the tutorials on the website.

    After that -- Make some small games before launching into an total domination online game.

    When you do decide to do that break it down step by step and work on each step.

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    No offence intended mate but making an online game as your first fusion game is just asking for trouble.
    baby steps!! start very very simple and work your way up.
    I'd use/learn the software for at least a year before working on an 'online' game.

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