Boss Battle Royale Free Download


I made this rough little gem in just over 48 hours with Fusion 2.5+ and thought I'd share it here. Obviously doing all the art and code in 2 days, just by myself, means there isn't a ton of content, and features aren't very polished, but feedback has been really good so far, so try it out and let me know what you think!

You can also follow me @Gold5Games on twitter. Let me know if you're a fellow clicker when you do, and I'll be sure to follow you back!

Known issues:

  1. I ran out of time for there are some super quiet, basic (probably annoying) sounds. The dragon sounds are a bit louder so don't turn up your volume. Mea culpa.
  2. Burning ground tiles creep up the bottom most wall at the start of the game
  3. Occasionally loot will appear under walls
  4. You can open loot containers through walls if within range
  5. The dodge roll works, but it's unforgiving and there are no invulnerability frames at the end as you transition back to regular control
  6. Potions do not work. I have not yet implemented a system for drinking potions from your inventory (you probably won't need them anyway)
  7. The cursor is always visible. This will be removed in the future when I have better aiming and menu systems in place.
  8. The UI may be off-center in ultra wide displays. I was unable to test ultrawide support prior to release.