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Thread: (BETA) Android Installation Checker

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    Post (BETA) Android Installation Checker

    Hey everyone,

    I've developed a new little tool which will check what versions of the Android SDK and API levels are installed and also where those directories are. It will also check what version of Java (SDK) you have installed. It should help with some users who seem to struggle installing the correct versions and ensuring the correct API levels are on etc.

    It is still technically a BETA, so if you see any weird messages, or things not working correctly, shoot me a screenshot here and I'll check it out.

    Does not work with the Free Edition. You should be able to access this under the 'Tools' menu inside Fusion 2.5 once installed.

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    Hello, are you sure this tool works? I have the 32bit JDK8 installed and the Android SDK (C:\Android\SDK) and it does not see them.. Thanks !

    update 1: I run Windows 10 Pro 64bit so i had to re-install the 64bit version of JDK so your tool can see it.. Android SDK still not detected..

    update 2: Aaaand.. i managed to solve my problem. I was using Build & Run without any device connected. If i only Build.. it builds !

    Thanks for the checking tool !

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    Disponible en français ?

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    Very nice tool, many thanks. Is there a recommended Build API number to use with the latest version of Fusion, 290.4 ? If not what should be the minimum API ?

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    Cant build a blank android application

    Doesnt detect my sdk, I cant build applications for android.
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