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Thread: CLOWN (A Survival Horror Game)

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    CLOWN (A Survival Horror Game)

    Clown is a small survival horror game that I've been developing since June about a demonic clown. I was originally creating this with the UNITY engine however I decided to switch to Clickteam Fusion 2.5 due to its ease of use and having less free time thanks to University.

    The game won't have an obvious story per-say though the player is put in the role of a corrupt police officer who is being hunted by a demonic clown who wants justice for the kids you could have saved but just simply didn't.

    (Yes I am aware at how unnatural the CLOWN looks in one of the screenshots - this will be fixed tomorrow)

    I don't yet have a official trailer for the game however there is a concept trailer from when I was developing the game in Unity:

    Links to the GameJolt page and my website:
    GameJolt Page
    Official Website

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    Looks interesting, is this a full 3D game engine or a five nights at freddy kinda thing?

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    This looks pretty cool and it was awesome to here you switch FROM Unity to Fusion!

    Be sure to fill this out so we can list your game:

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