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Thread: The Lowrider - Android arcade game

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    The Lowrider - Android arcade game

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this forum. I decided to buy this amazing app Fusion and start making android games. I haven't uploaded and shared this game since now (didnt count play store). Game is avaiable to download for 3 months and it have +2500 installs. What do you think? Is that good result? The reason why I didn't shared is that I made this game from scratch for better optimization and 60 fps thats why its version 2.0. Also I added Google Multiplayer but it losing lot of FPS. I made it to send data every 0.25 second to keep around 50-60 fps so it looks like a litttle bit laggy. I saw some tutorials about lacewing but now I am not into it maybe later.

    So, in this game you have to press two buttons to set power of lowrider's pump and jump above obstacles. You can tap on enemies and surroundings in background to get additional points, cash and nitro. Pressing middle-nitro button makes you indestructible for moment and gives more points and cash. There is tuning menu where you can spend money. Every update I am adding new cars, bodypaitings, wheels, addons and soundtrack which is also made by me (my second hobby). Everything is uploaded on Youtube:

    Please write what do you think and try it by yoursefl:

    ps: Whats about facebook X object? I bought it and next few days it was removed from store. I managed by myself that is completly useless only thing thats working is profile picture and email. When I try facebook registration process they say I have to use "share dialog" option in my game which is not available in this object. Any updates coming?

    Greetings JS

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    This looks like a pretty cool game!

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