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Thread: Idle attack and running attack, i'm having some problems lol

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    Idle attack and running attack, i'm having some problems lol

    So i'm messing around with a game where i have an idle attack animation and a running attack animation. The problem i'm having is making them work separately. I'm using the PMO for movement. My code looks like this:

    - Pressed Fire 1
    + (PMO) Object is standing on the ground
    + (PMO)(Negate) Object is moving

    This makes the idle attack work just fine. I've added the negated "idle attack" to each of the walking lines of code. But when i try adding code for the running attack, i assumed it would be just like the code above, except i wouldn't negate the object is moving part. It plays the animation but the movement of the character stops. I tried adding "user is holding right input key" for this as well but still no luck.

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    Seems that should be working.

    Are there any events related to the player moving that refer to the normal running animations? It could be that its stopping the player from moving because the running animation is no longer playing?

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    Would it be possible to give the character a second movement during the runningattack? The built in platform movement just during that animation then set it back to the platform object? Might be a stupid idea but...yeah... :-D

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