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Thread: Kingdom Hearts Style UI?

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    Kingdom Hearts Style UI?

    This isn't very important, it's just me being bored, but I was wondering how one might go about recreating the health and magic bar in Kingdom Hearts?

    Kingdom Hearts UI.jpg

    I want to know if there's a way to make the bar without having to use an active object with an obscene amount of animation frames or multiple active objects. I want to make this as simple as possible. Like, if there's a way to curve a counter object or something. Also, I want to know if it' possible to stretch (or scale) an active object while preserving some aspect of it. For example, let's say the player levels up and the length of their Magic bar increase so they have more magic to work with. Can I stretch just the middle of ONE active object so that it doesn't mess up the decorative rounded edges of the ends and the labeling of the Magic bar? Picture of my Magic bar:

    More Kingdom Hearts UI.png

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    For the magic bar as long as it's a straight line you can use XScale to change the length of the bar. I would start it at 1 pixel wide, then you can set it to any length you want since it's based off a percentage I believe which would make it easier to control.

    For the health bar I don't think there's an easy way to do it. Either you use two active objects (one curved part and one straight part) and then XScale the straight part to make it longer, or you'd probably use animation frames. I don't think it would take that long at all to do the animation frames, you just need to basically copy and paste it a bunch of times and add health a bit for each frame. Maybe ~20 minutes at most?

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