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Thread: Hitbox not showing up when player is stationary

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    Hitbox not showing up when player is stationary (SOLVED!)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to Fusion 2.5 but already enjoying it immensely. I have a hitbox issue, I apologize in advance if it has been answered but so far I have not found a solution in the forums. I'm making a platform brawler, there are four attacks the player can perform. For every attack the hitboxes appear and work only when the character is moving.
    Whenever I do a stationary jump, the hitboxes do not appear when I play the attack animations. Even if the character slightly moves left/right (or in the air + left/right) the hitboxes will appear. If I move it slightly to the left/right and then the player is stationary, the hitboxes appear. So again, it's only when I jump stationary (and at the initial launch of the frame without moving the character) may hitboxes will not appear. Attached is the event structure (I've only included one attack to simplify this issue). Any help would be much appreciated. Great community by the way!

    I just noticed, when I add at start of frame 'set direction of character,' it solves the initial hitbox appearance. So, it has something to do with 'lack of direction' when jumping stationary perhaps? It's hard to tell since the 'animation' tells me it facing the correction direction but perhaps not the collision?
    Also seems to be related to the falling animation. If hit punch after the fall, the hit box doesn't appear. Basically, it has to register enough directional movement (left/right) whether stationary or in the air. Once that's established and then I stay still, the hitbox will still appear because it registered the last known direction the player is facing, that's my guess anyway.

    UPDATE 2:
    Figured it out! I was using custom oriented hitboxes and indicating in the events to the direction of animation. Basically, if I jumped straight up, it was reading a direction and so hitboxes would not appear. Instead, I removed that event and had the hitboxes spawn oriented to the player's direction using action spots. That seems to do the trick.
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