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Thread: Dynamic Item Inventary Repositioning Example

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    Dynamic Item Inventary Repositioning Example

    Hello guys !
    A few weeks ago @Ciaciosacchetti posted his inventary dynamic system but there was just annoying eventing every item so what was needed was a way to dynamicaly change item position when one of them is destroyed (or used ) , I mannaged some how (I had the Idea in a long travell so I had a lot of time) and I made this file , I'm posting it but there are still a few problems :

    - The events are not commented so it's a mess to understand
    - It works on a single idem destroyed (...)
    - Is a really alpha of an inventory and I know it can be polished of all the non needed stuff
    - There is a mechanical sensor that checks each invantory slot , that might be a problem on multiple object taking
    - The sensor doesn't use fast loops :/

    Pros :
    -It just works

    Use mouse on the items below to add , click on the item do destroy

    inventory 1_6.mfa

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    thanks man, though i'd like to drop items not destroy them

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