• Upcoming New Year 2016

    Hey Everyone!

    I hope you've all had a good, productive and fun year!

    Where do I start? We finally managed to release the Google Play Extensions over the Christmas period which is great, you can grab them now at a discounted price. Also, we have a Sale on Clickteam products. This sale WILL END, so don't wait until the very last minute to purchase, you may miss out!

    To summarise, this year has seen a lot of new titles appearing across a lot of marketplaces from Clickteam users. Five Nights at Freddy's by animdude, dominated this year, without a shadow of a doubt. We have seen some very amazing games such as 'Jarvis' by Chrilley and the awe-inspiring Heart Forth Alicia by Alonso aswell as Cole's awesome Concrete Jungle (to new a few). I'm looking forward to seeing more in 2016.

    Here at Clickteam, 2016 is a HUGE year and not just for us, for you also. I don't even think I need to drop any hints on this one but with the GDC in March in San Fran and the Click Convention 2016 to look forward to, the content of both of these will please many users. I highly recommend if you can, to attend the GDC in March and visit the Clickteam booth. Aside of that, I really do hope many of you can attend the Click Convention 2016 in Cambridge, UK in August of 2016. The last one we had in 2013 was an incredible hit with lots of random users from all over the globe meeting up to spend 3 awesome days together, meeting and greeting, working together on a GameJam, sharing ideas and sailing down rivers on the most random boats you will ever imagine.

    The Click Convention 2016 will be even bigger than this! Clickteam has some of the most powerful, elite and dedicated programmers working on Version 3. It is a solid team that are working around-the-clock to take Fusion to the very next level! We are still continually working on squashing any bugs that may arise in 2.5 and the exporters via the Bug-Box and we also have some new additions to Clickteam to help produce more resources and material for the upcoming year.

    What else can you look forward to?
    Well, I'll be heading the brand new Library system online. I touched on this in the last edition of Fused. It's a brand new, online Library content system. It will contain all future documentation in the form of help, extension documentation, tutorials and user-submitted content. The aim is to centralise and localise all documentation.

    Fused - I am currently working on a new system for Fused. A HTML system. This will make Fused accessible for more readership and will allow full cross-platform view ability.

    Guides / Video Tutorials - Last month I started a new YouTube Channel. You can subscribe to this. I will be uploading new Video Tutorials and the same PDF guides. The PDF guides will follow the same direction as Fused, in the form of HTML to be more accessible (more than likely Library release).

    I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas 2015 and I hope you all have an even greater 2016!