• Changes are a coming...

    We will be migrating all of our online services in the coming weeks, some just to new servers but others to new web-app platforms altogether. One of the many things which will be migrating to a new system is our online community forum, moving to a more powerful and flexible system which we hope will power all of your discussions for many years to come. As part of this process, we have decided to leave behind a couple of features along the way. Groups and Blogs were among the least well used features of our forum in the current incarnation. We decided for this reason and also due to technical issues involved with hosting blogs in the new system that we would drop these features moving on. The decision to drop the blogs was also made due to the proliferation of social media and blogging options available, from Wordpress.org sites to Blogger, microblogging and many many more besides - we could never hope to compete with the features offered on those platforms so we felt for those users who do wish to blog, moving to those platforms is a better option all round.

    In preparation we have now switched off the blogs and groups functions in the community forums. At some point we may look at a way to aggregate user blog feeds in the new setup if enough people ask for it, however this will not be an option from the outset.

    Thanks and we look forward to showing you the new community very soon!