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    This issue is still unsolved, even with the last...

    This issue is still unsolved, even with the last Runtime i got... I'm starting to loose faith... :(

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    Problem when build and run

    I encountered this problem while building the apk file to be tested on the phone with the "build and run" option, now the problem occurs even without using the Android Plus object. does anyone know...

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    Bonjour, le résultat d'une division de valeurs entières est une valeur entière (sans décimales). Pour avoir une valeur décimale il faut que l'une des deux valeurs le soit. Solution: multiplier la...

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    Je veux faire un truc tout simple, mais je m'y prends comme un pied.
    Je souhaite diviser une valeur d'un fichier ini par une valeur fixe et l'enregistrer dans un chaîne globale. Ce ratio...

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    Feature Request: If it's not too difficult to...

    Feature Request:

    If it's not too difficult to implement, could you please add a search bar to the Create Object window where you select which object you want to have created? I notice there is a...

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    Slow Array Loading on HDD

    Hi Clickers, This may just come down to hardware - but I wondered if there was something I can do to optimize things. In my game, each time a map loads, it loads the data from an array at the start...

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    Thanks for the help guys. fredetmumu frame 4...

    Thanks for the help guys. fredetmumu frame 4 works perfectly thanks for taking the time. More complicated than I initially thought it was!

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    Thanks for the help guys!

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    Mahjong and a Solitaire

    Hello, I would like to buy Mahjong and a solitaire motor. PM to me thanks

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    As usual, you're right. Thanks! Surprisingly,...

    As usual, you're right. Thanks!

    Surprisingly, the culprit was a Run this event once event, yet it caused continual slowdown. This event added 150+ enemies to the debugger, which is obviously an...

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    Try this attachment. You had speed 25 set in...

    Try this attachment.

    You had speed 25 set in line 10, so every time the frame loops it will first set the speed to 25 and then to 35 and then back to 25... I deleted that line.

    On my pc it...

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    Janette5 quick question - im trying to make the...

    Janette5 quick question - im trying to make the player go a bit faster when moving diagonally and i just wanna make sure i did it right. the player shakes a bit while moving that way but i also tried...

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  • Match-X Engine - Video Timelapse

    Match-X Engine developed with Fusion 2.5 - No AGBO, arrays nor lists. A self-aware and self-running engine. Core framework developed, ready for additional features, polish and modding.

    Here is a video timelapse of me developing a Match-X engine in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. The challenge was to develop a 'self-aware' and 'self-running' game engine. Developing the core game engine to the point where it basically looks after itself, means I can then crack on developing additional features and polish without having to worry about anything breaking with the core engine.

    Total record time was 5hr 30mins, timelapsed down to 20+ minutes. If you are a Pro Member of the ClickFusion Academy, you will find this same video in the Student Hub with a running commentary from myself.

    I won't be releasing this engine (just yet), as I still want to further develop it. I did this video for two reasons, the first being I have never documented myself actually creating an engine from scratch so it was good to look back on the A to Z.

    The second reason was to give you an insight as to how you can approach game design differently. I wanted to develop a self-aware game engine that used no lists, no arrays and no information holders. The only holders present are variables for fastloops.

    This engine contains two objects, Actives and Multi-Touch (Ultimate Full-screen thrown in for effect). But the entire engine is purely based on Active objects, detectors, ForEach Loops and Fastloops. Mostly ForEach loops. Fastloops are only required for strict, immediate routines.

    The rest of the game runs 'with' the game tick, allowing for object scoping and iteration only when required, and these routines are executed by waiting for the correct game state. Some of the game states can fire other game states, which then communicate with each other until there's nothing left to achieve. Then the user can make the next move.

    Time between user moving a successful swap to making another successful swap is less than a second.

    Total events ended up around 140, minus comments/groups. Tested engine on Mobile and HTML5 and maintains a flawless 60fps.

    ForEach loops are only iterated as and when, and are typically scoped down in the conditions before iteration, unless *all* objects in the type need to be looped.

    I hope you enjoy this video and if you do, please don't forget to check out the ClickFusion Academy where you can support me in my quest to teach people Clickteam Fusion 2.5 inside and out and get you on your way to developing your ideas in no time at all (https://clickfusion.academy) - I also have a dedicated online course website (https://oneclick.training) where you can enrol into specific Clickteam Fusion 2.5 courses!

    Thoughts, comments and suggestions welcome
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