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    I just purchased the software via steam and I was stuck at the creating frame window and it crashes. There is no error code. I am using windows 10 and the free version works fine on this pc.

    ;(please help me if you got any ideas.

    Welcome REONSS. This is puzzling as I've been using for years on Steam without an application crash for ... hmm I can't remember how many years. At least on Windows 10 and 11.
    Have you opened a support ticket with CT? Please login to see this link.

    With improving capabilities and expanding AI implementations in various software, I think F3 should take an interest in this to create games using prompts :D

    That is the worst with AI going the way it is. There are good implementations and bad implementations. AI is an OK inspiration gather but not very creative.
    The bad ones are usually the ones to make a quick buck by using generative AI. Its built into web platforms to help create websites. There is no regulatory body of any AI at the moment as its a free for all. Even making images with AI is considered a cheat. Its a time saver. Its not hard to spot so if you do want to use AI in any of your development projects and that includes code; you should really vet or QA it.
    Someone will eventually process all apps and code and discover that its AI generated and if you have not stipulated where AI was used in your finished product, chances are you'll be ousted or worse, taken to court.

    I have seen AI do a lot of good and in medical imaging it is a god send for fast initial diagnosis. You still needs a second set of human eyes to validate the result though. Because the end result is what happens when something goes wrong? Where is the blame put? You can't take an AI to court.

    I just had a thought..

    On a 24 hr clock the hours 20hrs = 8pm so you might need to check your calculations.
    There is no 24th hour as the clock should read 00:00
    Could this be the reason?

    Maybe print out your calculation in a list box or something to see what is happening.
    I don't know if you can use a time calculation based on less than 00:00 as there is nothing smaller than zero but if that doesn't work does 23:59:59 work?

    But I could build my extensions for 64-bit Windows in a few minutes. But since runtime won't have 64-bit pointers, it wouldn't communicate properly, so it's a pointless gesture.

    Maybe Fusion 2.5 could introduce a 64-bit module, much like the Unicode spin-off they had before they merged it into the main thing; and just limit the Windows building to the 64-bit exts. I know Firefly would get a big limiter removed from that.

    What I meant was exactly this. We need to shed 32bit as we did 16bit. Windows still has the main share of the desktop market. The overall Windows market is at least 90% 64bit based. Weather Clickteam honestly want to keep legacy ability to run on a 32bit OS is beyond me in this day and age.

    Fusion should be 64Bit or thinking about moving to 64bit; this in turn should provide a 64 bit build extension type for appropriate build types and you can then build a native 64bit application.
    If this has not been done because of the technical debt you are still in then it should be on the roadmap by now.
    There is an inherent hardware barrier between the 32bit and 64bit which you cannot overcome any other way until the software as a whole starts to utilise 64bit.

    I believe that if you ran a proof of concept (rebuild a game with rebuilt fusion dependencies as 64bit)you would instantly see the benefits. Firefly cannot be of much use under 32bit limitations and this is one of the reasons for its lack of uptake.

    If one thing happens in the next year or so let it be a move to 64bit.

    I hope that's still true, but I sometimes wonder. You and I both came in at the beginning, when Clickteam software was far less capable, but also far simpler, and we've been able to learn all the new features gradually, as and when they were introduced. I can't help thinking that for someone just getting started now, it must be pretty overwhelming.
    It's the same with everything though. Every now and then I think "maybe I'll just give that other game engine another try", but then I do, and I'm greeted with something like this:

    Please login to see this picture.

    ...and I just think "Nope!", and immediately uninstall it again. I bet if I'd started using it 15 years ago though, I'd have been fine.

    You think that's daunting, try and use Blender back in the 90/Nauti's. The UX design and objects where placed everywhere and you had to deal with it plus NO UNDO! of all things and crashing was a given. Although it worked much nicer under Windows NT and 2000.
    Please login to see this attachment.

    The Fusion GUI has evolved with the times quite nicely and yes; for anyone who has never used software building programs before or come from a different interface I'll agree it all looks alien because its not what you're used to.
    This forum is a wealth of decades of experience so don't be afraid to ask for help. Practice searching for your answer or signing up to one of the many training sites there are or take the free tutorials on Youtube. You can't get from there to here overnight but practice daily first make very simple games with the pre-defined objects. This will help you understand the simplicity of the event driven coding. My first game was a breakout (bat and ball) style game. I loved the old scrolly games of the 80s and 90s with the paralax sscrolling scenery. This is not beyond a novice level either.

    The only thing I'm crossing my fingers for is Fusion 3 to finally embrace 64bit builds so we can break through that 2GB RAM barrier. If that means dropping backwards compatibility I don't have a problem but it needs to be done.
    What Clickteam has accomplished up to now is a miracle in programming and I'm proud to have been a part of it.

    I disagree with C3 not being the best choice for a fast-paced platformer. I've played fast-paced, HD metroidvanias/platformers made in C3 that run silky smooth on my 144hz monitor. The fact that it's an HTML5 game engine is trivial at this point. The tech is there! Not to mention WebGPU is here! It is superior to CF2.5 and it pains me to say that it's literally the F3 we should of had years ago. Still, my heart is with Cickteam!!!

    On the whole subscription thing... I don't mind subscriptions(if fair). One reason we don't have F3 by now is a financial one. Not to mention all the pirates... I don't see how CT can survive with F3 if it's just buy once. I would gladly subscribe and support CT if it meant frequent updates and roadmaps. You have to support the developers that make the tools you use. Especially when it's a very small company.

    Having been with CT from early CnP TGF days and seeing how the software has evolved.
    I love to use it on occasion but now I'm a little more travelled as far as software building goes there are many solutions out there.
    No one solution will work for everything/everyone. Clickteam have a learning curve that is second to none and allow multi platform builds. I love making software and Fusion 2.X has its place in development.
    They give your own rudimentary 3D gaming engine to build on. IE make your own 3d game with your own programmed engine. (Firefly was a good idea but lack of good documentation and an experienced based examples meant it was difficult to make anything usable, like with the standard engine)

    What everyone also knows is that during this time many new extensions and features have been released into the now Fusion 2.X builds.
    Regular updates are still being given to these current builds and they are not just bug fixes so you can't work on 3 and 2 if you don't have the resourcing.

    The development team is evolving so need to bring on new blood to cater for the ever changing development landscape.
    Developers tend to flit from job to job (From personal experience) depending on how committed or comfortable the role is will depend on how long they stay.

    You can speculate all you want but just don't know what is going on. Everyone knows its being developed.
    For all we know F3 could just round the corner. The problem with major software releases on a new platform/product is sales.

    There is a risk that there could be bugs in the software which can not be addressed before release so risk losing sales as a result and causing bad press to reduce sales even further.
    Alternatively the software is being stringently tested for all manner of bugs before release to ensure less volatile sales.

    I agree piracy hurts sales but too many people expect something for nothing and this software deserves the money asked. Don't mistake Software applications for Software Games. What makes me laugh is people will fritter their money away on a game without any thought for the improved innovation of that game / genre (if any).

    I'm using dual nvme on my rig with SATA turned off so (Very fast disk access)
    I briefly see some odd behaviour with the main window but the file system loads where the Application is running from.

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Try ticking the Create Before Frame fade-in transition.
    Also you're using ASCII character encoding. Try UTF8.
    Please login to see this attachment.

    Not exactly that forexample someone insert his email to play online I want to send special code to his email so he enter the code for his own account inside the app

    You won't be able to send unencrypted or unauthorised email to a mail server for delivery to a recipient these days without it triggering spam filtering.
    You need to use OpenSSL to initiate a TLS/SSL client link to the mail server to allow login and even then your connecting IP might not be vetted or allowed.

    Your best bet would be to setup a website with an online interface that is also allowed to send email to register accounts to then allow these to post mail via a PHP script.
    Again a possible spam mechanism could be used but this would be the better way.

    Alternatively you could make your own moo/lacewing server that spat out codes. If you don't retain identifiable info on the users then this would be a good idea.

    You'll have to read up on GDPR practices and what to do when/if the database is compromised otherwise and face the wrath of angry users having their emails available for spamers.

    You could try sending mail commands directly to mail server on port 25 with moosock but in all likelihood your app will be blocked from sending mail directly unless you're using a mail relay that trusts anyone. Again spam..

    Hi Nasirfox

    Good questions and yes there are bugs. At least with the steam release of this product. Would be nice to be able to download the beta builds of this.

    The questions can be answered by this.. Firefly is not a finished product. It has issues that should be fixed to be able to market games you want to make with it.

    1. Why can't OpenGL mode scale to the entire window? It is stuck to the bottom left corner of the screen.
    You have to code it (manually work out the sizing etc) from within Fusion.

    2. For some reason, restarting the app (using F2) or frame increases the memory usage of the app? So this brings me to believe that Firefly is never unloaded from memory when restarting?
    Yep there are memory leaks. Its not ready for production level gaming with that in mind.

    3. Will the world editor ever be finished? You can save a world but that's pretty much it..
    This product IMO is still in alpha and should warn you before you buy into this. You can code and are expected to code your own editors (everything).

    4. Why does Firefly cause input lag with the built-in keyboard and mouse events? I have to use Control X for keyboard and Is Key Pressed Outside because of this.
    I have the same question too. I ran a quick test and didn't get consistent results when tapping keys. Occasionally the key stuck even though I have released the key. This tells me the calls are not being fully interpreted. May be other factors at work.

    5. I saw what looks to be a particle editor in the Steam screenshots, but where is that found?
    You can code your own particle systems Get used to learning a lot of math and reading up on how to make your own 3D engines. Note you have the tools to do this.

    6. I am aware that this has already been mentioned, but why does the window not scale back when going from maximized to windowed? You have to slightly resize the window to get it back to it's original size.
    Firefly is not a finished product if you compare it to the likes of Unity and Ureal. More of a very low level interface to 3D engine through Fusion.
    You are given the tools to build your own 3D engine and editing interfaces for your engine.
    These days no one wants that because we have pretty good gaming/non gaming engines in the ones used to make AAA games and that you can use for free or licesnce the product. You have a choise of going it on your own (Firefly) or using a product dfesinged to get your game to the masses in a much shorter time span.

    7. How can you load an Irrlicht scene? I tried loading one exported with CopperCube with all the Irrlicht versions I could select, but that didn't seem to work when using both OctTree and not OctTree, and the "Has loaded a mesh" event triggers when I try to load the scene, even though I don't see any differences.

    You need to use the quake3 BSP mapping model to load big world maps or "scenes". Yes Irrlicht is the 3D base engine but I don't know if you can export from coppercube and then load into FIrefly just because you read Irrlicht.
    If coppercube can export quake 3 arena maps then great.

    To sum Firefly up. If you want to truly learn about 3D development, then this is a starting point. You need to read a lot about 3d Engines and how to develop your own.

    Hello, there.

    I've been away from the community for so long that I no longer have access to the extension SDKs to download (lol).
    I'm currently on my way back to extension development because of a recent job for contracted extensions.

    It's been a while since I made that extension and it was unfortunately tested against a rather limited version set in the past.
    To be honest, I didn't have enough machines to test it against, SQL Server versions or volunteers to help me debug. So it was roughly an initial release.
    I didn't think it'd be ever used in a professional project so I left it at that. :)

    I intend to revisit all of my database extensions as they all use native drivers but it may take some time.
    It's great to be back.

    *Bows To Byo*
    I was probably the one and only user of that SQL object and it was a fantastic object at the time..well over a decade ago now but I can no longer install it because I have the Steam version of Dev 2.5 and the old installer just doesn't work.
    The object would probably need rebuilding to support a recent SQL driver but I would totally reuse this object as it just worked out of the box for me and I did use this in live environment to handle a simple windows client that got Windows machine details and posted into (Altiris) MSSQL db. My current work would so benefit from being able to connect to MSSQL so I would gladly help in developing a new build of it if you are working on this.

    It's probably incomplete Unicode compatibility. When two ANSI characters are read as one Unicode character, they tend to turn out Chinese-looking.
    There is an SQL ODBC object, which if memory serves handles Unicode, but at any rate shouldn't return Chinese.

    Actually it was pretty simple to resolve. You have to set the language from the ODBC Data sources applet in windows. You will need to edit the DSN or the connector you have configured in the Database connection details in ODBC (control panel) Set the Language here and you will then return the correct dialect for the ODBC plugin.

    I'm trying to use the ODBC object and it does connect correctly but is returning Chinese text...

    Can anyone confirm if ODBC object works in Fusion 2.5 ?????? if not, are there any alternatives?

    I've recently asked for this object and can confirm its returning what appears to be chinese. Could it be the default DB ISO setup?
    Please login to see this attachment.